Case Study

Event Synopsis
What do you get when you send good ol' American bourbon to Europe to see what trendsetting Holland can come up with? William Wolf Bourbon Whiskey, likely the most uniquely flavored whiskey to hit the shelves since, well, ever. Forget any perceptions you have about drinking Whiskey - this pecan-infused concoction tastes absolutely amazing! PUSH loves partnering with innovative brands and in 2016 William Wolf selected PUSH to conduct a massive scale in store tasting campaign to show consumers first hand just how amazing Pecan Bourbon Whiskey tastes.
Action Taken
As literally the only company on the planet with the capability to facilitate such a high volume tasting campaign, PUSH got straight to work on developing a strategy to attack each and every market that William Wolf distributes its product in. Our in house video editing team wrote, filmed, and edited a comprehensive training video that each and every William Wolf demo rep would watch and be tested on. Once the key markets were identified a schedule was put into place based on an effective strategy to utilize only the best demo reps in each city. William Wolf then shipped bulk promotional product to PUSH HQ and from there individual demo kits were assembled and distributed to Demo Reps around the country.
Results of Event
Executing a complete turnkey marketing solution, PUSH continues to provide William Wolf with our 'cradle-to-grave' in store demo campaign on a large scale. Every demo is documented on our PUSH website where the client has full capability to login and view photos and sales results from each activation. This can then be used to better predict sales strategies and better target the most receptive demographics, ultimately ensuring William Wolf stays on course to grow its sales exponentially.
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