TOP TEN REASONS We’re Just Plain Better. Period.

There are plenty of event staffing companies out there, but none can compare to the caliber of PUSH. Let us show you the reasons that we’re not only different but just plain better than the competition. See why below...

We're about people

We are an international event staffing company that is defined by its people. Our Program Managers, Booking Agents, Recruiters and Designers are on-staff, not part-time employees. Our database of talent is the largest in North America and our experienced field managers have hundreds of hours producing events. With dedicated staff in nine regional offices we offer local experience with all of the advantages of a large organization.
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State-of-The Art Technology

The integrity of our PUSH corporate team revolves around our Core Values. Unlike most companies, our Core Values are not just a pretty poster hanging on the wall. They were not adapted from another company. We don't just review them once a year. We create them, we live by them, they define who we are and they represent who we are. As we evolve and grow our core values remain constant.
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The Latest Mobile Technology

Staying connected to our talent makes seemingly complex large scale staffing a breeze – using our proprietary PUSH TALENT TRACKER Mobile app. The PUSH app educates our talent on your brand knowledge, shares event instructions, and allows the talent to recap events onsite post-event. The proprietary GPS Talent Tracker feature lets you know in real-time when talent arrives on site to execute and when the event is complete. Only with PUSH can you stay connected with your talent with our exclusive PUSH TALENT TRACKER - designed, built and optimized by us to provide the most up-to-date event technology in the industry.
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Experience Counts

Hundreds of thousands of hours booked means seasoned professionals managing the staffing of your events. PUSH Program Managers and Booking Agents go through rigorous ongoing training. Program Managers have staffed thousands of events. At PUSH University we facilitate workshops every week to ensure our client partners all receive the ultimate in staffing excellence. There isn’t a campaign-related challenge we haven’t seen or cannot manage. We know what to avoid and how to mitigate the risks of a challenging campaign.
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Our database

More people equals more options and the precise talent fit for your event. With the largest database in North America, we have over 90,000 promotional models, event staff members, field managers and brand ambassadors ready to work for you. Our intensive recruiting efforts including SEO and ongoing pay-per-click campaigns drive up to 250 talent applicants to our website every day! There’s no market too big or too small for us to staff your events. Click OUR TALENT to see a sample.
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You're protected

PUSH carries a five (5) million dollar comprehensive general liability insurance policy that protects every client. Because the unexpected can happen, we make sure you have peace of mind every single time you choose to work with PUSH. Included in our agency fee, upon request, PUSH will add your organization to our policy as an "additional insured" for the length of your campaigns. We’re committed to ensuring you are protected in the unlikely case of any unforeseen circumstance.
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Social integration

PUSH utilizes several proprietary technology tools to help our talent share viral conversations based around the events they are booked on. Our proprietary PUSH Talent Tracker mobile app includes a one-of-kind module that talent can stream organically designed messages and images about your event to their personal Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Create text and visual conversations. Enjoy the benefits of logo/brand exposure. Create back-links for additional traffic to your website or fan page. PUSH can help promote and enroll your target demographic consumers even before the assignment begins!
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Data capturing

Our cutting edge technology makes it easy for you to collect valuable consumer information and KPIs. Track impressions, capture data and gain insightful feedback. Collect personal data, survey guests and engage customers through branded interactive promotional digital campaigns. All of our activations require our staff to complete a recap form that can be tailored to track whatever KPIs are needed. Best of all – all of this data can be exported to track trends on a macro level, giving our savvy event marketer clients an incredibly powerful tool for measuring ROI. For a more detailed description of our Data Capturing capability click on MORE INFO.
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Full service branding

PUSH customers have access to our in-house marketing and graphic design department. If your campaign requires the staff in branded uniforms handing out branded promotional collateral in a branded tradeshow booth, we got you covered! From uniforms, displays and signage to branded t-shirts, embroidered hats and key chains, there is virtually nothing we can't provide. We are creative, fast and will scour to find the materials needed to support a successful campaign! Please click on READ MORE to learn more about what we provide.
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Video Training & Testing

Training talent on a mass scale has never been more seamless that our proprietary in-house training process. We script, produce and edit videos that talent watches prior to being confirmed to work promotions – and they also must pass a test to ensure they retained the information. Your product is unique, and as such you need educated Brand Ambassadors to represent your products as they interact with consumers. Ask your Account Manager for more info on this game-changing tool, and ask how we have executed over 500 separate retail locations in one day!
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