Case Study

Event Synopsis
There is no event experience like CES. As the World's gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology, CES is where brands come to showcase their latest and greatest products. PUSH has partnered with some of the world's largest brands to execute amazingly orchestrated high volume trade show staffing. LG Electronics chooses to partner with PUSH year on year to staff over one hundred trade show models to showcase new LG products.
Action Taken
With the largest pool of talent in Las Vegas (4,000+) PUSH begins the screening process each year by conducting an online survey of interested model applicants. This survey is built into the PUSH console and the end client views each individual's reply to determine if and where at the booth they may be a good fit. Once all staff is selected, PUSH helps coordinate logistics of outfits for each individual and creates a contingency plan to ensure 100% coverage of the booth at all times. On site all staff checks in via the proprietary PUSH GPS app. In addition PUSH provides the most experienced on site management team in our industry to facilitate an absolutely seamless experience. Back at PUSH headquarters in Arizona our 24/7 CES response booking team works around the clock to ensure all five days of the show are fully staffed and any staff issues are alleviated. Here at PUSH We've got large scale trade show staffing down to a science!
Results of Event
Every year PUSH staff plays a part in helping LG bring its amazingly innovative products to the global consumer population. And every year multiple 'Best in Show' awards are won by LG. PUSH is very proud to call LG a partner and play an integral part in bringing the latest technology to the masses every year
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