Case Study

Event Synopsis
Proscenium enlisted PUSH as their partner on an amazing marketing event for Heineken in which an Aston Martin would be given away. PUSH established a game plan that would ensure red carpet service for this event and got to work. This event would entail catering to A-list Celebrity and Senior Executive attendees and supporting with top-notch promotional talent. Strong professionalism and eloquent communication would be key in maintaining the elegance of this event. Ambassadors needed to be aware and be seen without being distracting. Talent would need to be calm and collected around the paparazzi as local and national news networks were in attendance to cover this highly publicized event of the Aston Martin giveaway.
Action Taken
Using the PUSH methodology, the best-suited brand ambassadors were chosen for this event based on specific criteria. Experienced and confident conversationalists were necessary to ensure appropriate interaction with the guests. Classy, self-aware, and engaging, Mariah and Kylee were chosen from the talent pool as they embodied these characteristics and background. With their extensive experience in promotions acting as ambassadors, they understood the magnitude of this event and opportunity. They were in close communication with the event managers and were enthusiastic and even early to their respective posts onsite. Interactions with high-end clientele came naturally to these PUSH agents and they were the epitome of class and sophistication. Mariah and Kyle set the bar high, so to speak, in representing the premium Heineken and Proscenium brands.
Results of Event
Like many PUSH events, it went seamlessly and smoothly. Mariah and Kylee were highly effective and maintained the celebratory "feel" that the event encompassed. They were praised by the attendees and clients as "fantastic," "personable," and "fun spirited." They slipped easily into dual roles with their professionalism and ease in their representation for Proscenium and were identified as "perfect for t his event."
Event Photos
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