Case Study

Event Synopsis
In partnership with the U.S. PGA Tour, Spectrum events required 154 talented brand ambassadors for six total events in two different states. The ambassadors needed to have bartending experience, confidence and possess strong communication skills behind the bar. The PGA and Spectrum"s high expectations were appropriate as this would entail representation of one of the most prestigious sporting associations in the world. PUSH was the team of choice to support this nationwide tour. This was in part due PUSH"s vast capabilities. But also its conscientiousness of the big responsibility of maintaining the brand integrity of these premier partnered clients through ambassador representation.
Action Taken
Using the PUSH Talent proprietary system, relevant matches for potential reps were identified and analyzed. With the detailed screening methodology and in-house development training, ideal talent was matched and educated to be ready to go for the events. The key would be ensuring back up talent would be on call, in the event of illness, injury, or other unforeseen logistical issues. With the amount of staffing and visibility these brand ambassadors would have, PUSH was committed to seamless execution and delivered.
Results of Event
Similar to other PUSH partner events, the Spectrum and PGA project was a huge success. Various locations and services beside the PUSH brand ambassadors described the respective areas as "hot spots" along the course. Drink sales were the roof and the team had fun with the attendees while tending bar at a high level of customer service and accuracy. The brand ambassadors were uber professional and with their impeccable service, PUSH was able to remove pressure and work from the Clients. Spectrum and the PGA relayed after, that they were able to "enjoy a successful and less stressful" series of events as a result making this a huge win-win for PUSH.
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