Case Study

Event Synopsis
When the PUSH Agency was approached to supply Talent for over 28 Guns N" Roses concerts, for VIP Nation, the PUSH Team got ready to rock. With a 4 month timeframe, and 28 different venues, PUSH was tasked with providing staff that would embody the VIP Nation experience. VIP Nation offers a luxury experience like no other for concertgoers. Attendees who book with VIP, gain access to the VIP lounge, delicious food and beverage packages, and have the opportunity to mingle with stars of the show and more.
Action Taken
PUSH sought professional and articulate attractive Talent through the extensive PUSH database. Paying top-dollar, PUSH identified a Team who would understand the importance of this work and clientele. The elite concierge models would need to refrain from "star-struck" tendencies. Each were selected based on previous work experience to ensure top-notch interaction when exposed to members of the band or crew. The ideal candidate profile was determined for this exciting role and then hand-picked 60 of the most talented, attractive, and experienced promotional models around the U.S. Communicating expectations and educating was key for the hand-picked Team. PUSH wanted to ensure effective and consistent coverage of each location through out the 4 month time span.
Results of Event
This was a very select target audience that VIP Nation was catering to in a widespread PUSH program of 28 different locations. The success of each event was equally important. Serving attendees in any VIP area can be a challenge, however, our PUSH Team did so with professionalism and enthusiasm. The feedback from the Clients and their customers the Attendees, was phenomenal. Each were happy and PUSH had effectively covered a highly promoted concert campaign for VIP Nation. The feedback from the Talent was great too. They all agreed that AXL, Slash, & DUFF put on a great series of concerts for Guns N" Roses, and a few lucky members of the VIP PUSH Team were even offered the chance to live it up like rock stars for a night.
Event Photos
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