Case Study

Event Synopsis
The PUSH Agency was approached with a super unique concept to supply both event staff and Micro Influencers for ESPNs summer Flash Mob promotion in New York City. ESPNs filming of their 30 for 30 segment, titled "The Good, The Bad, The Hungry" was centered around the history of the hot dog eating world, primarily the feud between reigning champion Joey Chestnut and rival Takeru Kobayashi. To help PUSH the premier ratings and generate a big buzz, the ultimate hot dog flash mob (aka Joey fanclub) was created and hired to attend The Mets baseball game with the champ himself.
Action Taken
PUSH recruited a combination of 60 brand ambassadors, 10 actors, and 5 social media Influencers through their extensive database. Understanding the clients specific needs, all staff members were screened for vibrant energy as well as a love for sports. All participants would also need to be comfortable wearing a massive hot dog costume for nearly 8 hours. PUSH then selected the most enthusiastic talent to rally behind the assignment. Educating the team on client goals, providing clear social media posting guides, delivering onsite management, and outlining a thorough timeline were all key aspects in ensuring success for the large scale event.
Results of Event
There always lies a challenge is staffing large quantities of individuals, throw in the required oversized food costume and the difficulty nearly doubles. However the PUSH team successfully employed all 75 requested hot dogs who all showed up on time and excited to work come game day. Creating a real buzz on the streets of New York, ambassadors went above and beyond in announcing their support and showcasing authentic enthusiasm for the shows leading man. Additionally, the social media Influencers ginuwine love for the experience caused them to share well above what was originally requested of them. The post-event feedback from not only the client and team, but the public was truly incredible. A one of a kind event that had people talking for well over a week past the activation.
Event Photos
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