Case Study

Event Synopsis
F45, a global leader in fitness circuit training enrolled in a unique customizable marketing campaign in effort to increase brand awareness at 15 designated locations across the US. The ultimate goal was to stimulate trials to potentially increase memberships, to which they enlisted The PUSH Agency to assist them in promoting their efforts. To help accomplish the goals set in place by F45, PUSH utilized their extensive Influencer talent base to tap into their substantial networks and carry out engagement on the F45 experience. Through the management of this campaign, PUSH was able to reach between 40K - 70K potential new clients within a 4 week time frame.
Action Taken
PUSH screened and assigned 1-2 related health and fitness social media Influencers with a blend of micro and macro followings ranging from 8K-350K to their respective locations. Residing in the targeted cities, each Influencer possessed a strong local network in addition to their online following." Once the deemed qualified Influencer was introduced to their gym, they were invited to partake in their first F45 class. Here the talent was given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the F45 brand and assess the partnership at hand, as PUSH recognized that this initial connection would aid in the production of authentic posts. To begin, the Influencers were scheduled specific days and times each week to "host" a VIP workout for their friends and followers with an interest in health and fitness. Each social media Influencer was required to post at least one photo or video showcasing their positive F45 experience on their social media channels every week. In their content they were encouraged to incorporate key information and promote their next class, inviting "fans" to participate with them.
Results of Event
Within a 4 week timeframe, PUSH Influencers helped F45 to reach 41K-140K potential clients and received more than 120 new documented visits through this impactful campaign.
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