Case Study

Event Synopsis
The Pita Jungle concept is a healthy and natural Mediterranean restaurant with 20 locations across Arizona. Their goal for quarter one of 2019 was to grow their Instagram following. So, they enlisted The PUSH Agency to assist them in their social growth goals. In order to grow Pita Jungles Instagram following, PUSH utilized large quantities of their Micro Influencers to promote their favorite Pita Jungle location. Through the efforts of the Instagram campaign, Pita Jungle reached between 1K-72K potential customers within an 8 week time frame.
Action Taken
With input from Pita Jungle corporate, PUSH launched a mass micro Influencer campaign with a total of 40 unique Influencers and an average blended Instagram audience of 10K followers. All Influencers were current residents of the state of Arizona and held a key passion for healthy lifestyle. The Influencers were then assigned a "post week" to share their positive experience at their favorite Pita Jungle location. They were required to share posts on their Instagram accounts as well as drive their local followers to participate in a Pita Jungle gift certificate giveaway by simply following Pita Jungle on Instagram.
Results of Event
At the conclusion of the 8 week program, Pita Jungle grew their Instagram following by 36% percent. In addition, we were able to measure their minimum exposure at 405.4K potential customers. Given that the large majority of this audience was local to the state of Arizona, this amount of exposure will prove to be extremely valuable over time. Further, we concluded that PUSH Influencers averaged their engagement on the campaign posts at 8.4%. That"s 7.4% higher than what would be considered "good" in the social industry!
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