Sean A.

Sean A.

Memphis, TN
Male 41 years old MiddleEastern Brown eyes Brown hair Speaks English
6'5 tall 230 lbs Neck: 17 Shoe Size: 13

Howdy! I am Sean A.. I’ve been a model with this Agency since October of 2020. As a Elite Promo Model I am passionate about the live marketing business. I weigh 230 lbs and have brown hair and brown eyes. My retail merchandising industry experience is significant. In closing, I am a Social Influencer. I would love you to request me on any new gigs.

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My interests as a Promotional Model:
Event Staffing
Tradeshow Model
Promotional Staff
Promotional Models
Runway Models
Promo Girls
Promo Staff
Experimental Marketing
Street Teams
Brand Ambassadors
Event management
My experience and resume as a Promotional Model:
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