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Event Synopsis
As one of the world's most recognized pop stars Ariana Grande is indisputably one of the most socially influencial figures for the latest generation of young music fans. She continues her explosive growth in popularity with the late teens demographic, and in 2015 a fragrance was released featuring her namesake - 'Ari' by Ariana Grande. Stroll through your local Macy's and you'll surely see an amazing variety of perfumes, but none with a larger celebrity marketing endorsement as Ari. PUSH is proud to partner with the Ari brand having staffed demo reps at retail locations in all 50 states.
Action Taken
PUSH began preparing early in the year for the surprise global launch of the perfume that was to happen in September '15. This was to be among the largest celebrity perfume launches ever - PUSH being tasked with placing trained, sales focused demo reps at over 500 retail locations on the same day, for multiple weekends over four months leading up to the holidays. The PUSH team formulated a game plan to film a comprehensive training video and test to ensure every single sales ambassador knew the product they were promoting. Once onsite, the staff utilized our proprietary PUSH GPS mobile app to let our Booking Agents seamlessly manage the high volume of activations back at PUSH Headquarters. Once each promotion ended each Sales Ambassador then uploaded event photos and sales results from each activation. This then fed into a comprehensive report that gave our end client full visibility into sales numbers and Return on Investment.
Results of Event
PUSH staffed over 15,000 hours of in store demos for the ARI fragrance and helped launch it to the top of the sales charts in its product segment. Our end client was also provided with comprehesive recaps via recaps filled out by Talent using our proprietary PUSH Mobile app. This data compiled into a master document that ultimately gave our end client the marketing insight on specific areas to target in its sales strategy, thus leading to explosive sales volume.
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