Case Study

Event Synopsis
The Target Center Torchlight Run is a healthy athletic event that kickstarts a fun party. Curate, a national nutritional bar that prides itself on unique flavors, sought the help of PUSH to support them in the event. Curate was in need of brand ambassadors for runner engagement and trial of their delicious and nutritious bars, and our Team was the go-to.
Action Taken
We identified 12 passionate and interesting brand ambassadors to represent Curate at the event. They were designated at key locations to pass out bars and engage with runners on the go. This required logistical coordination, planning, and a high level of energy by the Team. Multiple runners arrived at once, so ensuring bars and communication to each effectively was the biggest challenge. Strong Team Leaders and proactive Team members were key to ensuring this went off without a hitch.
Results of Event
With over 6,000 Curate bars given out in one day and thousands of runners interacted with, the PUSH brand ambassadors were highly successful. They ensured that the product had adequate supply levels and were delivered to the right locations. This proved challenging with the runners all finishing virtually all at once! Our Team was ready for it, however, and were briefed prior and navigated around the crowd engaging, effectively. The results proved positive, and the Client was super pleased! Everyone had a blast and the onsite Team did a phenomenal job!
Event Photos
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